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Dec 18, 2013 12:35am PST
. ♪ who you love who you love >> katy perry and john mayer back together again. this time not just rumored but real. >> yeah, we don't know what kind of body language we are supposed to be exhibiting. >> we explore the public's passion for pop stars in love! >> keep it right here, america, "nightline" is back in just 60 second >>> good evening. a $600 million-plus jackpot and at least a couple of winning tickets tonight. one purchased at jennifer's gift shop in california and another in georgia and there could be more. megamania has taken over the country. there is always a chance, though sometimes winking be losing. >> reporter: from florida to texas. >> i might become the winner. the next millionaire. >> reporter: to illinois. >> one ticket. and your lucky day. >> reporter: to california. >> right. >> reporter: to new jersey. >> good luck. >> yeah, all the time. >> reporter: sea to shining sea. mega millions united the country en -- country in a mad scramble for tickets. everyone hoping for a chris -- christmas miracle. its peak today half a million tickets sold per minute driving the pr
Dec 17, 2013 7:00am PST
? >>> and the student suspended from school for hugging his teacher. was it sexual harassment? >>> and john mayer and katy perry in their first live tv interview together to talk about it all. and the world premiere of their sizzling new music video. >>> that's not all. the very classy will ferrell here, live in times square. he's the anchorman. wait until you see what he reveals this morning. ee what he reveals this morning.♪ ♪ through 12 ice storms brewing ♪ ♪ 10 straight days raining ♪ 9 hailstorms pounding ♪ 5 mysteriously heavy holiday fruitcakes ♪ ♪ 4 actual tree houses ♪ 3 blackouts ♪ 2 weird to mention ♪ and a roaming horde of carolers ♪ ♪ with my exact same route [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans you can even watch us get it there. and look for our limited edition holiday stamps. ♪ clean up the bows and the ribbons and tags. ♪ ♪ whoever's first is the first to play, ♪ ♪ with the good things that we got today. ♪
Dec 18, 2013 1:40am PST
odors for good. febreze, breathe happy. >>> katy perry and john mayer are making beautiful music together. the celebrity couple went public in a song in john's new album. >> it's risky business of course to mix work and play. >> oh, yeah. >> trust me. they say the music made them do it. we are "up all nightline" with abc's david wright. ♪ >> a loving duet debuted on "gma." >> reporter: that bucking bull the only hint of the turmoil of celebrity romance. >> katy is a superstar for a reason. >> aww! >> reporter: in real life, katy perry and john mayer may have had their ups and downs but as they told george stephanopoulos they are emphatically back together. >> the two of you never sat down for a tv interview together? >> yep. we don't quite know exactly what kind of body language we are to be exhibiting. >> reporter: for such public figures it is not easy. >> too much touchy-feely or too far away, i don't see chemistry. >> reporter: there is something about peers finding romance in real life. beyonce and jay-z come to mind, pop royalty and the king and queen seem to be in perfec
FOX News
Dec 11, 2013 12:00am PST
with russell brand. >> and now john mayer. who paid for her singing lessons? the parents she now hates and that she treats so poorly, keith. is this the worse thing when people pick teams and let their teams govern everything they do? it is not even government. she is a steelers' fan, but her parents are oilers fans and they can't be seen together. >> was there a question in there? >> there was no question. i would like to point out my new friend scotty here referred to ben affleck's character as the batman the eighth. i found marvel is working like royalty now. batman the eighth. what was i going to say? both of her parents are pastors and she said i have a deep connection with god and i pray for self-control and humility. there is a lot of gratitude. just saying thank you is better than asking for things which leads me to ask is she really a democrat? >> that is very deep. >> and mind blowing. >> do you think this affects box office numbers? >> i don't think too much. i don't, about anything. katy perry is an idiot. anybody who is married to russell brand -- john mayer is not an idio
Dec 4, 2013 2:05am PST
of desserts. >>> well, one couple that is happy, seems to be, john mayer, he's released a duet with new life love katy perry. >> do you think that's going to go the distance? john mayer and katy perry. >> they both came with some baggage. not that i didn't with frank, let's be honest. or frank with me. sometimes things can work out. but it makes. harder. he has a long list of very public breakups with ladies. >> and he talks about that. >> and she had a very public breakup with russell brand. her first husband. they did a duet of songs together called "who you love." let's listen. ♪ who you love who you love >> feel a little vibe to it. ♪ who you love ♪ ♪ who you love >> so far, i love the lyrics. ♪ who you love who you love >> it's who you love? in case you're forgetting, it's who you love. >> i'm sure it's a great song. >> sometimes we pick a portion of it and it's not fair. >> that was a good song. >>> by the way, you guys, if you were watching the cmas last night, there's some kind of a christmas special. >> they're on every night now. i can't keep track. >> i can't believe it'
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am PST
morning menu." john mayer roaring all about his love. >>> princess diana's fairy tale gown, up for sale right now. >>> and we have great bargains on holiday gifts. if you thought yesterday was big with tory. everything under $100. some good stuff. all that and more. and sam, coming up on "good morning america," here in times square. [ male announcer ] even well-planned holidays can wind up at the corner of "stockings are stuffed" and "quick -- duck!" luckily, walgreens is always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out for extra stocking stuffers... or anything else you might suddenly need. stop by walgreens anytime for hershey's kisses chocolates, gift cards, and more. plus get up to 20 dollars in jingle cash on next week's purchase of 30 dollars or more. here at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ by the end of december, we'll be delivering ♪ ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 8 front yards blinding ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind
Dec 17, 2013 6:00am EST
have bought a plane ticket with bitcoin, i got john mayer tickets for tonight at the berkeley center with it going. >> john mayer tickets with bitcoin? how hard is it to find out who takes bitcoin and who doesn't? >> is pretty easy. you're seeing headlines that someone was buying a house for bitcoin. it is pretty easy to do with a third-party. some creams for you. .> there are wrinkles that are getting smoothed out. >> so what is cory johnson here for besides a gimmick? >> during the course of the 12 days of bitcoin, what is a value of the bitcoin today? >> last night when i left work 700 >> there's a quote of $1200 in the last week. >> this is cold. i have not had a genesee cream ale in a while. >> if i recall, this is terrible beer. >> outtake to white hots and a red hot. >> gives a volatility report. couldsomething else you buy this with, it's called cash. is there any point to bitcoin for the average person? >> absolutely. if you're looking to send money overseas, for example if you are a foreign worker that was a transfer funds back home, it is instant and basically free a
Dec 18, 2013 1:05am PST
when you left. >> reporter: which is not to wish any bad karma on katy perry and john mayer. clearly in the first blush of romance, and expressing it in song. >> it's more about the message of the song. >> reporter: here's wishing them all the magic will last. i'm david wright for "nightline" in hollywood. >> our thanks to david. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow. they will have latest on the lotto results. as always we are online at abc good night, america. tonight we have a winner. at least one ticket matching up a six mega millions numbers was sold here in the bay area at jennie's gifts in san jose. somebody is rich. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. here are the winning numbers, 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and the mega ball is 7. john alston is live in san jose outside of that very lucky store. john? >> and very long odds. the owner of the store says he has no idea who bought the winning ticket. >> thanks again. >> what time are you opening the store? >> he will be a lucky winner and share a pot. he runs jennie's gift
Dec 13, 2013 4:00am EST
with his view, john mayer. john, thanks for joining us. is the bear market going to continue, do you think, for gold? >> it's really difficult to say from here. but i think most of the u.s. tapering is now built into it gold price. and it probably looks like it will pick up from here going forward, i would guess through next year. it just encourages users to get out of that trade, get out of it and put money elsewhere. >> investors start bailing out last january, last february. we saw that accelerate last june and the momentum carried the gold price down yet further. still good physical demand in india and china. the problem with india was the government was so worried about its balance testify sit that they actually banned imports of gold or they raised the taxation for that. so they effectively banned it. and i think pakistan follows suit, as well. so that knocked physical demand for a while. the smugglers are now regaining that pace. now india is looking so much better, but quite likely we'll see -- >> even with that support of china and india, there hasn't been enough to offis he the s
FOX News
Dec 27, 2013 1:00am PST
sweethearts katy perry and john mayer may look like a laid back couple. the couple love birds may be more high maintenance that what meets the eye. $80 of scotch, cherry coke zero and fuji water for john. two dozen snacks including a bowl of ranch dressing, six beverages, fresh quack moly and a director's chair. not sure what that's for. eric, i could do your list. >> sounds bad right? i'm all for that. i'm glad they have the list. the hotel charges them an arm and a leg for all that stuff, that's the free market at work. you want it, want people to wait on you hand over fist, you're going to pay for it. >> what would you like? >> vodka. >> vodka to the face, blow dry reagan pomp, tanning booth. you could bring yours. your whole body waxing kit. >> whoa. >> what do we get? >> ladies. >> i looked at list for katy perry, i didn't think it was all that extravagant. i thought she could ask for more things like green mms on the bed spelling out her name. i thought she was completely delightful on entertainment tonight. >> she's cute. >> you love for champagne a lot. >> i love champagne. i would tak
Dec 16, 2013 7:00am PST
perry, singing her new hit, unconditionally. she says the song was inspired by her boyfriend, john mayer. they'll both be here tomorrow. the worldwide exclusive premier of the video for "who you love." >> i love that song. >> i know you do lara. they're going to be here. ron burgundy is going to be here tomorrow. you have the burgundy jacket on already. >> i do. hoping. waiting for you, ron. >> oh, he's waiting for you. trust me. oh, yeah. >>> a lot coming up tomorrow. but today, we're going to have more on the startling interrogation taps released. montana newly wed jordan graham accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff. >>> michael jackson's three children now, all featured if a new documentary, new interviews, as paris, revealing what her father said about teaching her the moon walk. and then young son blanket. never actually heard him speak before. first time on camera, talking about his dear old dad. >> just hope they're okay. >>> the new trend in parenting. the growing number of people having babies with no relationship strings attached. and the websites popping up to help th
Dec 17, 2013 6:00am PST
we love >>> love story. music's red-hot couple, john mayer, and katy perry, here live in their first tv
Dec 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
-dovey with john mayer. >>> crazy new video, julia roberts trapped in a chaotic fan mob. >> b
Dec 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
addiction. >> you are making a point that's as ludicrous as saying that peter pan was real. >> katy and john mayer's kiss and tell. >> what did you do on your first date? >>> then, before "the voice" finale" i'm with celine dion. is she considering adoption? >> i've thought about it many times. >> plus an "ncis" christmas and "the biggest loser's" big bombshell. >> this changes the whole game. >>> "snl" on spoofing their own lack of diversity and embracing a new cast member. >> are they funny? are they good? we want them to be funny. >> now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news, "omg! insider." >>> apparently kanye west was right. there are few things more fascinating than the rapper and his baby's mama. hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier in new york city. >> i'm thea andrews. barbara walters' list of the ten most fascinating of 2013 stirring up a lot of controversy and questions about who will be number one but she definitely got one thing right. kim kardashian is fascinating. at least to the paparazzi. kim sparking chaos. >> get out of the way. >> the reality st
Dec 12, 2013 7:00am EST
? john mayer has had a lot of frustration trying to get his conference -- john weiner -- boehner has had a lot of frustration trying to get his in lockstep with these conservative groups. they will tell you that they are not answering to these groups. a similarshare philosophy, similar ideas on --islation and are back by they are in lockstep. john boehner has had to deal with a lot of headaches from these groups. they are undermining and derailing things that he is pushing for. these groups came back and said the speaker thinks that we are doing something wrong, it is because he is not conservative enough. that is the internal fight that we have been seeing for the last couple of years and are still seen today. host: who are the outside groups? guest: heritage foundation, freedomworks, they are a political group obama americans for prosperity -- a political prosperity,cans for club for growth, which is putting money into campaigns for republicans. these are big groups that have a lot of money and are not afraid to spend it in primaries. host: is this a harbinger of what is to come? is it
Dec 17, 2013 2:00am PST
to the white house to meet with the president. tech rock stars and not real rock stars. >> not john oates? >> no. all things are apple ceo tim cook and marisa mayer and sheryl sandberg have insight on to. that is the big event at the white house with those rock stars, tech rock stars. big gain in stocks yesterday. a rock star day there. after the posting the biggest drop since august last week, the dow industrial is surging 130 points really great day yesterday. fed, fed, fed, fed, fed! it really matters to you. this is the second to last fed meeting for ben bernanke. there have been these fears that he might announce tomorrow he is trimming the stimulus that has kept interest rates so low and kept the market so juiced but citigroup fed watcher says history shows they don't like to pull back the punch bowl in september. it hasn't happened the last 40 years when they do that at the end of the year. a well-stocked and spiked punch bowl called an accommodating fed put us where we are today. the year the dow up 21% and nasdaq up 33% and s&p up 25%. >> that is good punch. >> it tastes so good.
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)